Creative Digital Retouching


Our technical know-how, creative ideas and lengthy experience make us easy to work with and fantastic value. We really care about colour so contract colour proofing is part of our service too.

Every image is welcome here

We’ve lowered hems, moved brooches, made skies look blue, skin look clear, fish flap in water and chief executive’s smile.

Whether we’re working on professionally produced concept shots or amateur snaps, we apply the same care and attention to achieving the best professional finish and visual impact you need.

Our service is based on three principles:

1. Nothing is impossible
We’ll find a way to help you achieve what you want to achieve. When we’re given a challenge we enjoy our work the most.

2. Technical production and creativity work hand in hand
Photography has to be prepared correctly for its end purpose, whether it’s print or digital, billboard or postcard. As well as making the image look good we’ll make sure it reproduces brilliantly.

3. It’s your vision we’re creating
So we like to work in partnership on your image, from initial brief through to final delivery. But if your brief is ‘see what you can do’, that’s ok too.

Retouching is the core of our business and we’re really committed to the role it plays in making your creative communication great. We love working on conceptual imagery, fantastic portraits, great reportage, quirky illustrations and even screen grabs! Every image really is welcome here.

Photo by James Bell